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• Carbide dust

• Carbide sludge

• Carbide that has previously been brazed to another material


*Please Note: These items require special pricing. DO NOT mix with standard scrap.


Can't find a place for that nasty old carbide scrap? Instead of pitching it, why not make some money on all of it? When you bring it to Hemly, we'll recycle it into useful insert material and you'll get a nice payday. What's not to like about our buyback program?

Why use our scrap buyback program?

• Reduces the environmental impact of tungsten carbide scrap

• Collects material for the production of new tungsten carbide products, including inserts

• Extends the world’s limited reserves of tungsten, an expensive, valuable material that is critical to many manufacturing processes. Did you know that more than 90 percent of the world’s tungsten supply lies outside the United States?

• Enables you, our customers, to recoup some of the expense of carbide inserts

Learn more about our scrap buyback program



Our return process:

• Fill your own box with qualifying scrap carbide (see below for restrictions)

• Call Hemly Tool at 888-474-1300 to obtain a Recycle Return Authorization (RRA) number and a price per pound quote

• Fill in the customer information and the RRA number in the customer information box on the Carbide Insert  Recycling form and on the return label. This information will insure that you receive your check without delay

• Put a copy of the form in each box you return

• A check will be mailed to you after receipt and evaluation of your shipment

• If you have any questions about the shipment, call Hemly Tool at 888-474-1300. Please refer to the RRA# when calling

• Please pack your carbide accordingly to ensure we receive your entire shipment. Hemly Tool Supply is not responsible for carbide lost during shipment.

We accept:

• Coated carbide inserts

• Uncoated carbide inserts

• Solid carbide tools (including end mills, drills, burrs, reamers, etc.)

We DO NOT accept:

• Ceramic Inserts

• Cermet Inserts

• Diamond tipped inserts

• Tools that are not solid carbide (carbide cannot be connected or brazed to any other material)