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Our wide variety of carbide and cobalt end mills cover all of your milling needs. Whether you have a roughing or a finishing operation we can supply you with the tools you need! Our warehouse has a large inventory of end mills ranging in size, length and style to suit any job you have. With our large variety of end mills we have the right tool for you no matter what material you are cutting and our sales team can help you determine which tool is best for your needs. We carry many of the top brands in the industry such as Titan USA, YG-1 Tool Co., SwiftCarb, Gorilla Mill, HTC Tool and Cutter, Melin, Monster, XLN Enterprises, MA Ford, Duramill, Data Flute, and many more. Our pricing is competitive and to the point, please feel free to call with any questions you may have or quotes and we will do our part to help guide you in the direction you are looking for.

Check out our carbide mill options for:

• Steel

• Nickel Based Alloys

• Titanium



YG1 Generic End Mills

Gorilla Mill

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•  Titan

•  YG1 V7

•  Brubaker

•  Weldon

•  SwiftCarb

•  Micro100

•  Internal Tool

•  Melin

•  Monster Tool

•  Gorilla Mill

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• Stainless Steel

• Cast Iron

• Aluminum

Milling performance from the best brands in the business

•  Data Flute

•  Richards Micro Tool

•  Micro Cut USA

•  Fullerton

•  Kyocera Micro Tools

•  CGC

•  HTC

•  XLN Enterprises

•  Duramill

•  Promax


titan yg1 gorrilla duramill swiftcarb dataflute microcut ma ford melin richards microtool